Vicki Plaks

Lab Profile

Vicki Plaks
Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D. degree: The Feinberg Graduate School, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel, Department of Biological Regulation

Thesis title: “In vivo MRI studies of angiogenesis in reproduction and embryonic development in transgenic mice”

My overarching interests are in the mechanisms by which the mammary epithelium and its interactions with the stromal microenvironment mediate normal mammary development as well as cancer transformation and dissemination. I am particularly interested in mammary epithelial (cancer) stem cells. I currently work on three collaborative projects: In the first project we found that Lgr5-expressing cells are sufficient and necessary for postnatal mammary gland organogenesis. They are exceptionally efficient in reconstituting mammary glands from single cells and their depletion significantly inflicts on the ability of the gland to undergo postatal organogenesis.  We are now focusing on the role of these stem/progenitor cells in breast cancer. The second project examines how the adaptive immune system contributes to the regulation of normal mammary pubertal development. In this project, we focus on tissue antigen presenting cells and their communications with CD4+ T cells in mediating normal mammary postnatal organogenesis, which have implications for understanding immune surveillance. This project also raises interesting questions regarding possible roles for T cell dysfunction in early stages of breast cancer transformation. In the last project we are studying the early metastatic niche in the lungs of mammary-tumor bearing hosts, focusing on immune cells and extracellular matrix proteins that mediate the creation of such a niche, in support of metastatic seeding and growth. This study specifically aims at validating drug targets and designing therapeutics to treat metastatic disease.

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