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Apalutamide Delays Progression of Nonmetastatic, Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

UCSF News Feb 9, 2018
Treatment with an investigational androgen receptor inhibitor significantly delayed the development of metastasis in patients with prostate cancer that had become resistant to standard androgen-deprivation therapy.

UCSF Community Saddened by Loss of Quiet Champion Sanford Diller

UCSF News Feb 9, 2018
Sanford Diller, a self-made real estate magnate, philanthropist and dear friend and longtime champion of UCSF, died peacefully at his home in Woodside, Calif., on Feb. 2. He was 89.

UCSF Receives $500M Commitment from Helen Diller Foundation to Begin Planning New Hospital

UCSF News Feb 9, 2018
UCSF has received a $500 million commitment from the Helen Diller Foundation to support the planning, design and construction of a new, world-class hospital at the University’s historic Parnassus Heights campus, ensuring that UCSF can continue to provide premier care to patients in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond in the 21st century.

Program Aims to Bridge Gap Between Primary Care and Mental Health Services

UCSF News Feb 8, 2018
A pilot program at UCSF was designed to deliver rapid-access medication management and psychotherapy services to patients with the goal of returning them to their primary care providers for continuing care once they have been stabilized.

Creation of New Brain Cells May Be Limited, Mouse Study Shows

UCSF News Feb 7, 2018
Many researchers have long assumed that most stem cells in the body can produce new cells indefinitely, but new research at UCSF shows that this is not the case in the brain.

New Evidence Shows Potential of Two Drugs to Block Malaria Transmission

UCSF News Feb 6, 2018
An international team of researchers has shown that two different compounds, can safely and effectively be added to treatment regimens to block transmission of the most common form of malaria in Africa.

Despite Bans, Toxic Flame Retardants Continue to Show Up in Pregnant Women’s Blood

UCSF News Feb 6, 2018
A UCSF research team has found that while banning flame-retardant chemicals initially led to a reduction in exposure, a disturbing trend is emerging of exposure leveling off or even rising again.

A Brain Chemical Blamed for Mental Decline in Old Age Could Hold Key to Its Reversal

UCSF News Feb 6, 2018
UCSF researchers have identified the buildup of one brain chemical as a key culprit behind age-related learning and memory impairments. Tuning levels of this chemical in the worm C. elegans, they could delay and even reverse the declines of old age.