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Birth of New Neurons in the Human Hippocampus Ends in Childhood

UCSF News Mar 8, 2018
UCSF scientists have shown that in the human hippocampus neurogenesis declines throughout childhood and is undetectable in adults.

UCSF Retains Position as Top Public Recipient of NIH Funding

UCSF News Mar 7, 2018
In 2017, UCSF received more biomedical research funding from the National Institutes of Health than any other public institution, continuing a seven-year trend.

2017 NIH Funding: A Look at the Top-Funded Researchers and Their Work

UCSF News Mar 7, 2018
UCSF received more than $593.9 million in federal funding from the National Institutes of Health in 2017 for research across multiple health-science arenas at the University.

San Francisco Partnership Launches New Mental Health Center

UCSF News Mar 6, 2018
UCSF is supporting the creation of a new center that will add 54 conservatorship beds to San Francisco’s system of mental health care.

Charles Wilson, One of America’s Great Neurosurgical Pioneers, Dies at 88

UCSF News Mar 6, 2018
Charles Wilson, MD, a world-renowned neurosurgeon and UCSF professor emeritus, who served as chair of the Department of Neurological Surgery for nearly 30 years and founded the University’s Brain Tumor Research Center, has died. He was 88.

E-Cigarette Use Exposes Teens to Toxic Chemicals

UCSF News Mar 5, 2018
Adolescents who smoke e-cigarettes are exposed to significant levels of potentially cancer-causing chemicals also found in tobacco cigarettes, even when the e-cigarettes do not contain nicotine.

UCSF Health, Sonoma Valley Hospital Sign Affiliation Agreement

UCSF News Mar 3, 2018
UCSF Health and Sonoma Valley Hospital have signed an affiliation agreement to create an integrated health care network that will serve the needs of Sonoma Valley residents

HIV Begins to Yield Secrets of How It Hides in Cells

UCSF News Mar 2, 2018
UCSF scientists have uncovered new mechanisms by which HIV hides in infected cells, resting in a latent state that evades the body’s immune system and preventing antiviral drugs from flushing it out.

Genome Sequencing Uncovers Therapy for Rare Brain Tumor

UCSF News Feb 28, 2018
New research led by David Solomon, an assistant professor in the Department of Pathology at UCSF, provides much-needed targeted treatment options for patients whose tumors cannot be surgically removed.

USAID Awards Global Malaria Contract to UCSF's Malaria Elimination Initiative and Partners

UCSF News Feb 28, 2018
The MEI is part of a group of partners that has been awarded a new contract by USAID to support the President’s Malaria Initiative’s Advancing the Progress of Malaria Service Delivery project in 28 countries.

Samsung and UCSF Introduce My BP Lab, a Smartphone App for Blood Pressure and Stress Research

UCSF News Feb 26, 2018
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and UCSF have announced the launch of My BP Lab, a jointly developed smartphone research app to help users monitor their blood pressure and stress levels.

Smoking E-Cigarettes Daily Doubles Risk of Heart Attacks

UCSF News Feb 25, 2018
Daily use of electronic cigarettes is associated with nearly a doubling of the odds of a heart attack.

UCSF Among Top Public Universities in Fundraising for 2017, Capping Successful Tenure of John Ford

UCSF News Feb 21, 2018
For the sixth year, UCSF has placed among the top 20 colleges and universities that received the most charitable contributions in the nation. The distinction caps an extraordinary career for John B. Ford, who recently retired as vice chancellor of University Development and Alumni Relations.

UCSF Names Michael Reddy as Dean for School of Dentistry

UCSF News Feb 20, 2018
An internationally renowned periodontics specialist, Michael Reddy has been appointed dean of the UCSF School of Dentistry, one of the preeminent graduate dental schools in the nation.

Cognitive Benefits of 'Young Blood' Linked to Brain Protein in Mice

UCSF News Feb 20, 2018
Loss of an enzyme that modifies gene activity to promote brain regeneration may be partly responsible for age-related cognitive decline, according to new research in laboratory mice by UCSF.

Hip Hop Meets Health in a Campaign Against Type 2 Diabetes

UCSF News Feb 15, 2018
CVP and Youth Speaks, are releasing four new spoken word videos as part of a health campaign to end type 2 diabetes in youth and young adults.

Cancer-Killing Virus Acts by Alerting Immune System

UCSF News Feb 14, 2018
A new UCSF study has shown that a cancer-killing (“oncolytic”) virus currently in clinical trials may function as a cancer vaccine.

Marijuana Should Be Packaged, Regulated Following Tobacco Control Best Practices

UCSF News Feb 14, 2018
California should take an assertive approach to cannabis labeling, packaging and product formulation, according to a new UCSF study.

Current PSA Monitoring Ignores Risk to Some Prostate Cancer Survivors

UCSF News Feb 13, 2018
In older men who survived low-risk cancer and have limited life expectancy, frequent PSA screenings may do more harm than good

Wearables Could Catch Heart Problems That Elude Your Doctor

UCSF News Feb 10, 2018
Office visits offer doctors only a snapshot of chronic conditions. That’s where new mobile health-tracking technology can make a real difference, providing detailed and long-term health data for each patient.