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Common Use of Antibiotics in Cells Grown for Research Could Distort Tests

Aug 29, 2017
A new study by UCSF researchers raises a red flag against adding antibiotics when growing cells in labs, finding that it can induce unintentional genetic changes in the cells and distort test results.

Switching Sugar for Starch Leads to Less Fatty Liver in Kids

Aug 28, 2017
An experimental diet that cut out a type of sugar significantly reversed the buildup of liver fat in children and adolescents – a condition strongly linked to Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

With Fall 2017 Cycle, UCSF’s Resource Allocation Program (RAP) Celebrates 10 Years of Funding

Aug 26, 2017
UCSF’s Resource Allocation Program, which offers a single online application process for a wide variety of intramural funding opportunities, is now inviting applications for the Fall 2017 cycle.

Nancy Adler Honored by The New York Academy of Medicine

Aug 26, 2017
The New York Academy of Medicine has named Nancy Adler a recipient of the 2017 Academy Medal for Distinguished Contributions in Biomedical Science.

UCSF to Offer Free Flu Shots Throughout September

Aug 26, 2017
UCSF will be holding free drop-in flu shot clinics for all UCSF employees,students and volunteers from Monday, Sept. 6 to Friday, Sept. 29.

Searching for the Brain Cells That Control Our Breathing

Aug 26, 2017
The mechanisms by which the brain regulates breathing are still a mystery, one that UCSF physiologist Kevin Yackle is tackling with the latest tools of molecular biology.

UC Kicks Off Systemwide Effort to Support First-Generation Students

Aug 25, 2017
The University of California announced that all 10 UC campuses will join together this fall in a systemwide effort to connect first-generation students with faculty mentors who have walked in their shoes, and to facilitate access to resources to help these students continue to succeed.

How the Human Brain Detects the ‘Music’ of Speech

Aug 25, 2017
Researchers at UCSF have identified neurons in the human brain that respond to pitch changes in spoken language, which are essential to clearly conveying both meaning and emotion.

UCSF to Lead Gathering of Important Health Information for Sexual, Gender Minorities

Aug 23, 2017
UCSF and Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital aim to help address the dearth of medical research addressing sexual or gender minorities through an ambitious national program collect data that could help to answer the most basic questions about their health.

UCSF Cancer Research Ranks Among the World’s Most Impactful, Analysis Shows

Aug 22, 2017
UCSF’s Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center is consistently among the world's top five institutions producing the most impactful and utilized research.

UCSF Names Catherine Gilliss as Dean of School of Nursing

Aug 22, 2017
A national leader in nursing who served as dean at two top U.S. universities and is a former member of the UCSF faculty, Catherine L. Gilliss has been appointed dean of the UCSF School of Nursing, one of the preeminent graduate nursing schools in the nation.