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Tackling Childbirth-Related Mortality in the World’s Poorest Place

Jul 25, 2017
A new program called Global Action to Improve Nursing and Midwifery (GAIN) aims to train Malawian nurses in leadership and clinical skills to help turn the tide on the world's highest rate of preterm births.

The Science of Sleep: A Q&A With Neurology Professor Ying-Hui Fu

Jul 25, 2017
Ying-Hui Fu, a UCSF professor of neurology and a pioneer in the study of sleep and genetics, explains the science behind strange sleep patterns and shares why shut-eye is more important than you think.

MEDIA ADVISORY: Stomper Welcomes Patients at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Jul 25, 2017
Stomper will be cheering on patients as they pick out and outfit a new snuggly friend, courtesy of Build-A-Bear.

UCSF Advances Mount Sutro Plan to Address Drought Damage, Restore Health of Reserve

Jul 25, 2017
UCSF has released its Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve Vegetation Management Plan, which assesses the potential environmental impacts of the University’s plan to improve the health and sustainability of the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve.

Traveling to Mars Will Wreak Havoc on Our Bodies – Can We Prevent It?

Jul 22, 2017
The effects of low gravity and radiation on the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and immune systems are some of the health impacts from space travel that UCSF scientists are researching.

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo Appointed as Inaugural Vice Dean for Population Health and Health Equity

Jul 22, 2017
UCSF School of Medicine Dean Talmadge E. King, Jr. announced the appointment of Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo as the new chair of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and the inaugural vice dean for Population Health and Health Equity.

Stress Worsens Effects of Toxic Chemicals in Pregnant Women

Jul 21, 2017
When a pregnant woman suffers from stress, she’s more likely to have a low-birth-weight baby than a non-stressed pregnant woman if both are exposed to the same toxic chemicals, according to the first study examining the combined impact of stress and environmental chemicals on fetal development.

Immune-Cell Numbers Predict Response to Combination Immunotherapy in Melanoma

Jul 21, 2017
Whether a melanoma patient will better respond to a single immunotherapy drug or two in combination depends on the abundance of certain white blood cells within their tumors, according to a new study.

For the Elderly, Physical Therapy Can Help Straighten a Hunched Back

Jul 20, 2017
A hunched back, called hyperkyphosis, affects 40 percent of people over age 65, and it increases disability and the risk of falls and fractures. A new study by UCSF researchers shows that targeted physical therapy can help straighten the spine and boost a patient’s self-esteem.

Amid Backdrop of Health Care Debate, UCSF Raises Funds at AIDS Walk San Francisco

Jul 18, 2017
As a national debate about health care continues, hundreds of staff, faculty, students and supporters of UCSF participated in AIDS Walk San Francisco to raise funds for research and care as well as to raise awareness of proposed legislation in Washington, D.C.

San Francisco’s Flavored Tobacco Law Rooted in Years of Research, Advocacy Work

Jul 14, 2017
San Francisco recently passed the country’s first outright ban on sales of flavored tobacco. It was supported by more than 15 years’ worth of research and national advocacy work by UCSF’s Valerie Yerger.

Next-Gen Precision Diagnostics Now Available at UCSF

Jul 14, 2017
A genome sequencing test developed at UCSF that can rapidly pinpoint the cause of a bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic infection is now available to help physicians nationwide diagnose cases.

ShangPharma Innovation and UCSF Announce Strategic Research Collaboration

Jul 14, 2017
In a new collaboration, ShangPharma Innovation, Inc. is providing funding and other support to scientists at UC San Francisco to accelerate the development of promising life science inventions.

Tiny Cellular Antennae Key to Fat Formation in Muscle

Jul 14, 2017
Scientists at UCSF have shown that cellular antennae called cilia, found on fat-forming cells interspersed in muscle, play a key role in this muscle-to-fat transformation.

UCSF Health Affiliates with Golden Gate Urgent Care

Jul 14, 2017
UCSF Health has signed an affiliation with Golden Gate Urgent Care to collaborate in providing top-quality urgent care in the GGUC’s six Bay Area locations.

UCSF Medical Center, Benioff Children’s Hospital San Francisco Named Among 2017’s ‘Most Wired’ Hospitals

Jul 13, 2017
UCSF Medical Center and Benioff Children’s Hospital San Francisco have been named among Health Care’s “Most Wired” for 2017.

Supervisor Jeff Sheehy Visits UCSF to Rally Community Around HIV/AIDS Funding

Jul 13, 2017
In his first visit back to UCSF since becoming a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Jeff Sheehy rallied the University community to join in fundraising for AIDS Walk San Francisco – especially as HIV funding is under attack at the federal level.

Big-Data Analysis Points Toward New Drug Discovery Method

Jul 13, 2017
A research team led by scientists at UCSF has developed a computational method to systematically probe massive amounts of open-access data to discover new ways to use drugs.

One Family’s Struggle with Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

Jul 11, 2017
Myoclonic Astatic Epilepsy (MAE), or Doose syndrome, is a form of epilepsy characterized by seizures that are difficult to manage.

Drug Reverses Memory Failure Caused by Traumatic Brain Injury

Jul 10, 2017
UCSF scientists used an experimental drug to completely reverse severe learning and memory impairments caused by traumatic brain injury in mice.