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UCSF Names First-Ever Chief Genomics Officer

Apr 13, 2018
In a move that underscores the increasingly important role of genomics in medicine, UCSF has appointed Aleksandar Rajkovic, MD, PhD, as the first Chief Genomics Officer of UCSF Health. His appointment, which follows a national search, is effective May 1.

Findings Flip Scientists' Understanding of Key Growth Switch Involved in Cancer

Apr 12, 2018
A new study finds that a common cancer-causing mutation in a GTPase called Gαs subverts the model for this type of growth switch in cancer.

John Muir Health/UCSF Health Outpatient Center in Berkeley to Open in June

Apr 12, 2018
John Muir Health and UCSF Health will open their first joint medical center for primary care and specialty care, the Berkeley Outpatient Center, in June.

Smoking Cessation Therapies Do Not Raise Cardiovascular Risk

Apr 11, 2018
A new, large-scale study may help allay concerns of cardiovascular risk from the use of smoking cessation medications.

UCSF to Conduct Gallup Survey to Measure Staff Engagement

Apr 11, 2018
As part of ongoing efforts to make UC San Francisco a great place to work, UCSF will conduct a survey of all staff to gauge their level of engagement and satisfaction as employees.

UCSF Convenes Groundbreaking Commission to Define Path Towards Malaria Eradication

Apr 11, 2018
A newly launched Lancet Commission on Malaria Eradication will convene experts from around the world to develop the first-ever roadmap to eradicate malaria.

Working Parents, Take a Deep Breath: Preschool, Daycare Do Not Raise Asthma Risk

Apr 10, 2018
Early child care does not boost children’s risk for developing asthma.

UCSF Researcher Identifies Risk Genes for ALS

Apr 10, 2018
The largest analysis to date of genetic data in ALS has identified two previously unrecognized genetic risks that are significantly associated with the disease.

UCSF Finalizing Plan to Restore Health of Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve

Apr 5, 2018
UCSF is finalizing a long-term management plan for the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve that will address the widespread damage wrought by the worst drought in modern California history.

UCSF's EXCEL Workforce Development Program Changes Lives of Housing Employees

Mar 29, 2018
When Kisha Mickels became homeless three years ago, she was looking for a lifeline to help support herself and her two kids. She found the UCSF Excellence through Community Engagement & Learning Program and now has a career at UCSF as a housing assistant.

Memory-Enhancing Drug Acts as Molecular 'Staple'

Mar 29, 2018
UCSF researchers have shown that an experimental brain boosting drug, ISRIB, acts like a molecular staple, pinning together parts of a much larger protein involved in cellular stress.

Talk on Scar-Free Stents Wins 2018 UCSF Grad Slam

Mar 28, 2018
The 2018 Grad Slam competition challenged PhD students to use straightforward yet engaging language that non-specialists can understand to describe their intricate research – in three minutes or less.

New Blood Thinners May Shorten Patients’ Hospital Stays

Mar 28, 2018
The use of newer blood-thinners for patients at risk of stroke may lead to two fewer days in the hospital for those who experience complications, with the same survival rate as the older drug warfarin.

Aggressive Growth of Common Brain Tumors Linked to Single Gene

Mar 28, 2018
UCSF scientists uncovered a common genetic driver of aggressive meningiomas, which could help clinicians detect dangerous cancers earlier and lead to new therapies.

Expert Review Will Strengthen Emerging Digital Technologies

Mar 27, 2018
In the absence of rigorous preclinical testing from the FDA, health systems should carefully scrutinize digital tools that interact with electronic health records to recommend patient diagnoses or therapies.

Peter Walter Named to National Academy of Inventors

Mar 26, 2018
UCSF’s Peter Walter is among nine University of California inventors and innovators who have been selected to become National Academy of Inventors fellows.

World-Traveling Doctor on a Global Approach to Tuberculosis Elimination

Mar 24, 2018
Mike Reid, who has worked around the globe providing treatment for serious infectious diseases, is part of a growing effort to eliminate tuberculosis worldwide.

Once-Mysterious ‘Atacama Skeleton’ Illuminates Genetics of Bone Disease

Mar 23, 2018
Ata's appearance can most likely be explained by a handful of rare genetic mutations—some already known, others newly discovered—that are linked to dwarfism and other bone and growth disorders.

AI is Quicker, More Effective Than Humans in Analyzing Heart Scans

Mar 22, 2018
A type of AI known as advanced machine learning can classify essential views from heart ultrasound tests faster, more accurately and with less data than board-certified echocardiographers.

Smartwatch Effective in Detecting Atrial Fibrillation

Mar 22, 2018
Irregular heart impulses that lead to stroke can be detected using a smartwatch with a specially designed application, a finding that could eventually lead to new ways to screen patients for earlier treatment.