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11th Annual Chancellor’s Diversity Forum Tackles Staff Climate and Equity Concerns

May 2, 2018
Issues impacting staff climate and equity at UCSF were at the forefront of the conversation during the 11th annual Chancellor’s Leadership Forum on Diversity and Inclusion.

2 UCSF Faculty Elected to the National Academy of Sciences for 2018

May 2, 2018
Two faculty members from UCSFhave been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, one of the highest honors accorded to American scientists.

Reinvigorated Nursing Partnership Strengthens Patient Care, Research and Education

May 2, 2018
Nursing leadership at the UCSF School of Nursing and UCSF Health are leading an effort aimed at optimizing the advantages of tighter integration between the two organizations.

Research Finds ‘Achilles Heel’ for Aggressive Prostate Cancer

May 2, 2018
UC San Francisco researchers have discovered a promising new line of attack against lethal, treatment-resistant prostate cancer.

World Malaria Day Event Draws Premier Bay Area Researchers

May 2, 2018
More than 100 members of the malaria research community in the Bay Area gathered to celebrate World Malaria Day on April 25 at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

Join All of Us: California Researchers Call for Volunteers as NIH’s Landmark Precision Medicine Research Effort Launches Nationwide

May 1, 2018
All of Us is an unprecedented effort to gather genetic, biological, environmental, health and lifestyle data from 1 million or more volunteer participants living in the US, officially opens for enrollment May 6.

Gene Therapy May Eliminate Life-Long Need for Transfusions in Patients with Incurable Blood Disorder

May 1, 2018
Data from clinical studies of gene therapy in patients with transfusion-dependent Beta-Thalassemia show majority of patients are transfusion-free.

Computers Equal Radiologists in Assessing Breast Density and Associated Breast Cancer Risk

May 1, 2018
Automated breast-density evaluation was just as accurate in predicting women’s risk of breast cancer, found and not found by mammography, as subjective evaluation done by radiologists.

UNICEF “Muted” on Tobacco Control for Children

Apr 30, 2018
The tobacco industry manipulated the renowned children’s rights agency UNICEF for more than a dozen years, during which time UNICEF’s focus on children’s rights to a tobacco-free life was reduced.

UCSF Prepares for 3-Day Strike Amid Labor Negotiations

Apr 29, 2018
UC San Francisco has received notice from several unions that they will strike or participate in sympathy strikes at UCSF and across the UC system beginning this Monday, May 7, and ending Thursday, May 10.

How to Stay Engaged After Retirement from UCSF

Apr 28, 2018
If you are retiring now or in the coming years, you can make plans to stay engaged with UC San Francisco through the UCSF Retirees Association or the Emeriti Faculty Association.

Preventive Use of Common Antibiotic Reduces Child Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa

Apr 26, 2018
Treating young children in Sub-Saharan Africa with azithromycin, a safe, inexpensive, and widely used antibiotic, significantly reduced deaths of children under five.

​​UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland’s State-of-the-Art Outpatient Center Makes Its Official Debut

Apr 26, 2018
With the addition of its new building, UCSF Benioff Oakland’s Outpatient Center becomes the largest pediatric specialty care center in the East Bay.

Fetal Immune System Rejects the Mother in Preterm Labor

Apr 26, 2018
A new study from UCSF shows preterm labor may sometimes happen when the fetal immune system “wakes up” too early and begins to reject the mother, causing the uterus to start contracting.

Frances McDormand Headlines Performance that Sparks Dialogue on Sudden Death

Apr 24, 2018
Frances McDormand, David Strathairn and Marjolaine Goldsmith came to UCSF to read scenes from Sophocles’ Ajax – a 2,500-year-old tragedy about the suicide of a great warrior.

Football Scuffles, Auto Injuries May Raise Risk for Parkinson’s

Apr 18, 2018
A rear-ender in which the driver’s head slams against the steering wheel or a helmet-to-helmet tussle with an opponent on the football field may increase one’s risk for Parkinson’s disease if concussion results.

Jason Cyster Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Apr 18, 2018
He is among the 213 new members elected to the 2018 class, spanning a wide range of disciplines and professions.

Kathy Giacomini Named 2018 Volwiler Research Award Recipient

Apr 18, 2018
Kathy Giacomini, PhD, has been named the 2018 Volwiler Research Achievement Award recipient by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP).

Gene Mapping Lays Groundwork for Precision Chemotherapy

Apr 17, 2018
New study could make it much easier for physicians to use the genetic profile of a patient’s tumor to pick the chemotherapy treatment with the fewest side effects and best chance of success.

David Graham Shares Life Lessons from Dentistry in 2018 UCSF Last Lecture

Apr 17, 2018
Healing tooth decay can inspire life lessons and serve as a reminder of the darker elements of human nature, said David Graham, DDS, in the 2018 UCSF Last Lecture.