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Youth Using Alternative Tobacco Products Are More Likely to Smoke 1 Year Later

Jan 2, 2018
Nonsmoking adolescents who use e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco or tobacco water pipes are more likely to start smoking conventional cigarettes within a year, according to new research by UCSF.

Engineers Hack Cell Biology to Create 3-D Shapes from Living Tissue

Dec 29, 2017
UCSF bioengineers have shown that many of the complex folded shapes that form mammalian body plans and internal tissue structures can be recreated with very simple instructions.

Social Interactions Override Genetics When Birds Learn New Songs

Dec 26, 2017
UCSF research finds that although young male songbirds are genetically predisposed to sound like their fathers, enriched early experience with a foster-father can overcome this genetic destiny.

Food 4 UCSF Students App Helps Students Thrive

Dec 23, 2017
A new app allows UCSF students to be notified when there is leftover food from an event – providing food for students and reducing waste.

Diversity Champions Honored with 2017 Chancellor Diversity Awards

Dec 23, 2017
UCSF’s 2017 Chancellor Diversity Awards honored 13 individuals who are leaders, activists and pioneers in the fields and communities that they serve for their work toward advancing equity and inclusion.

Amy Murtha Appointed Chair of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences

Dec 21, 2017
School of Medicine Dean Talmadge E. King, Jr. announced the appointment of Amy P. Murtha as new chair of the UCSF Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, effective May 1, 2018.

Time for Joy: Stopping a Rare Disease In a New Genomic Era

Dec 20, 2017
Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) if undetected can be lethal by the time a child turns 1 year old. UCSF researchers created a screening test for SCID, which impacts Navajo families at a far higher rate than the rest of the population.

Traumatic Brain Injury: A Devastating Fall, A Climb Back to Health

Dec 20, 2017
Millions of people suffer traumatic brain injuries each year, but there remains no effective treatment.

DNA Annotations Predict Patient Outcomes in Childhood Leukemia

Dec 19, 2017
UCSF physician-scientists have developed a test that can predict how patients with juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia will respond to treatment.

Simple Tool May Expedite Transplants in Kids with Kidney Failure

Dec 18, 2017
An easy-to-use tool to predict the likelihood of a child with kidney disease progressing to kidney failure has a high degree of accuracy.

2018 Precision Medicine World Conference to Feature UCSF Faculty

Dec 16, 2017
For the third consecutive year, UCSF is co-sponsoring the Precision Medicine World Conference in January 2018 to share the latest in the rapidly evolving space.

University Coalition Seeks to Improve Transparency on Career Prospects, Opportunities, for Life Sciences Trainees

Dec 15, 2017
UCSF joined eight research universities and a major cancer institute in announcing plans to give would-be life scientists clear, standardized data on graduate school admissions, education and training opportunities, and career prospects.

1 in 5 Older Patients with Chronic Disease Report Health Care Discrimination

Dec 15, 2017
Researchers said all the groups in the study – Black, White and Hispanic – reported high rates of discrimination for one reason or another.

2017 Year in Pictures

Dec 14, 2017
See a collection of photos that highlights moments and milestones of 2017 that include research, patient care, community and education.

Most Popular Science Stories of 2017

Dec 14, 2017
Whether you are seeing them for the first time or coming back for another look, check out the most popular scientific stories from UC San Francisco from the past year.

In 2018, the Push Continues to Prioritize Science and Health Care Policies

Dec 14, 2017
Heading into the new year, political issues in Washington, D.C., and in California have the potential to disrupt scientific funding, limit the flow of new scientists and clinicians through immigration changes, and shake up the health care system.

UCSF Mourns the Loss of San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee

Dec 13, 2017
UCSF mourns the loss of Mayor Edwin Lee, who partnered with the University on a number of initiatives that improved the city’s health access and economic vitality.

Researchers Launch Atlas of Developing Human Brain

Dec 8, 2017
UCSF have taken the first step towards a comprehensive atlas of gene expression in cells across the developing human brain.

Christopher Hess Appointed As New Chair of Radiology

Dec 5, 2017
School of Medicine Dean Talmadge E. King, Jr. announced the appointment of Christopher Hess as the new chair of the UCSF Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging.

Improved Patient Services, Business Model with UCSF Dental Center Transformation

Dec 5, 2017
UCSF’s Dental Center is in the midst of a transformation. Now operating as a fully integrated dental clinical enterprise, the center is setting a new bar for patient care and service in the world of oral health care.